Failure and Root Cause Analysis

PERS prides itself for its deep sectoral knowledge and has compiled best practices from over 1800 

Failure investigation

 assignments. These success stories include major projects in manufacturing and metallurgical failures on ASME boilers, pressure vessels, gas turbine engine components, oil and gas transmission pipelines, food processing equipment, heat exchangers, medical supplies, refineries, petrochemical plants, aircraft/aerospace, offshore structures, industrial machinery, weldments and ships.

Failure Analysis

 team’s strength lies in the evaluation of high temperature and high-pressure failures. The team at PERS has extensive experience in the materials space, failure analysis, metallurgical, welding, quality assurance, and forensic engineering fields. The analysis is conducted by experts in metallurgy, mechanical, civil, chemical, and electrical engineering.

PERS works with clients to plan for failure analysis and efficiently conducts the investigation. Considerable time and effort are dedicated to understanding the background of failure and studying the general features before the real investigation begins. The cause of failure is determined using both, analytical and mechanical procedures that often includes simulated service testing. The exhaustive analysis along with physical testing detects problems for PERS to provide recommendations and solutions.

During the course of the investigation, preliminary conclusions are formulated. If the probable fundamental cause of the metallurgical failure becomes evident early on in the examination, the rest of the investigation focuses on confirming the probable cause and eliminating other possibilities. The metallurgical failure analyst compiles the results of preliminary conclusions, carefully considering all aspects of failure including visual examination of a fracture surface, the inspection of a single metallographic specimen and the history of similar failures. The complete evaluation sequence to conduct a Failure Analysis is summarized below:

PERS have done different failure investigation. Some of them are listed below :

  • Boiler Tube Failure investigation
  • Shaft failure investigation
  • Heater tube failure investigation
  • Heat Exchanger Inspection
  • Reformer tube failure investigation
  • Failure investigation of steam turbine
  • Failure investigation of Gas turbine
  • Failure investigation of Boiler tube